Archived: MAGIC WAVES - 29/01/2023 - with DJ VICIOUS REGRESSION


2 hours of mainly Italo vibes up on the end of the internet line.

Bits and Pieces - Glass Opening One
Quango and Sparky - Do The Boogaloo
Mike Mareen - Love Spy (Night Mix)
Koto - Visitors (Alien Version)
Cyber People - Void Vision
Cyber People - Doktor Faustus
Amin Peck - Suicidal
Ra - Space Melody
Sun La Shan - Catch
Fockerwulf 190 - Gitano
Alfaluna - Leggende Di Altri Mondi
Brian Bennett - Chain Reaction
Riz Ortolani - Do It
Detto Mariano - World X
Crazy Gang - Telephone Computer
Capricorn - I Need Love
Strada - It's The Monkey
Randy Wiper - I'd Like to Know (Casionova Edit)
Patrol - Invisible (Flemming Dalum Edit)
Klapto - Queen of the Night
Bazooka - Alive

Magic Waves
Italo Disco
DJ Vicious Regression

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