Works again. We changed domain providers rendering the link invalid :| Join us @ Letter...
Archived: SEER 589 Starborough - Multiverse Variations I
Zone out with Starborough's psychedelic cinematic selection. Picture by Florentijn Bodd...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #373
Listen ear:
Archived: SEER 588 Grass Harp - Praise Of Shadows
Radical content demands radical form. Post-punk, experimental ambient, minimal wavehttp...
Archived: SEER 587 BOG - Pistolero
Western soundtrack special part 7
Archived: Magic Waves 19/11/2023
Hosted by Yash, musix: high-brow, low-brow and uni-brow.
Archived: Radio Oscillations #372
New show is online for rewind now Listen ear:
Archived: SEER 586 Mule Driver - Pain
Torn apart by extremists. Meditative timeless industrial drones. All music live recorde...
Archived: SEER 585 TVDW - O'Rourke
the moment a concept exceeds beyond human control and rapidly transforms society. Drone...
Dune Part 6: Bergen Airport. Music by Swiss Arrow
Dune Part 6 is out. Enjoy the concrete!
Archived: Radio Oscillations #371
Online for rewind, listen here
Archived: SEER 584 FRE2K - Autumn Drive
SEER show for Intergalactic FM 2023futuristic dreamy chants from the past. Psychedelic ...
Archived: SEER 583 Ferre de Ridder - Oktober
Vast fields of sound reaching the outer limits. Ambient and drones. https://www.mixclo...
Archived: SEER 582 Max Fraisier Roux - Omelas II
Inspiration for the supernatural being of the outsider. Ambient, instrumental, contempo...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #370
Last nights show is online for rewind, listen here
Magic Waves - Yash - Live from the Netherlands
Our new Dutch show host Yash broadcasts his first show for Magic Waves. Here he combine...
Steve Turbo, Sfera Celesta on Mad Action Wednesday!
Liftoff 1600 CIT via CBSTV and Radio!
Archived: SEER 581 She's Hearing Voices - 4:11 AM
Distant echoes heading straight towards your inner conflict for transformation. Etherea...
Let Us Spend Your Money! Donators & Sponsors Will Appear In The Scroller On TV!
30 days of fame! Donate at least 5 euro and you'll be named. If you have special wishes...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #369
Now online for listen again ...
Archived: SEER 580 LSTNR - Common Methods to Protect Electronics from Water and Dust
The defining characteristics of otherworldly spaces. Ambient, drone, percussionhttps://...
Disco Fetish Down
Due to malfunction. Fix-it man deployed but it will take a while. Pants!
Station Loading Time Reduced
Due to the incredible amount of content being generated by the IFM stations it took som...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #368
Online for rewind now:
Archived: SEER 578 Sebastien Crusener - Hiding From Daylight
This show goes back in time to the future. Retro-futurism, ambient, technohttps://www.m...
Archived: SEER 577 Decipher - Geen Katharen
A grand selection of medieval folk, instrumentals, hymns and chantshttps://www.mixcloud...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #367
New season first show online now. Check out here



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