Archived: The Tone Zone - Welcome to the US 80s 90s -20.01.2023


The first episode of The Tone Zone was broadcast live from the Tone Zone on IFM/Magic Waves and was presented by Tony "fucking" Rome.

An hour of classic US 80s/90s weirdo noise rock was the order of business.

Halo of Flies - No Time
Cows - 39 Lashes
Scratch Acid - For Crying Out Loud
Butthole Surfers - Perry
Helios Creed - Spider
God Bullies - Creepy People
Ed Hall - Luke Fluttenstock
Cherubs - Pink Party Dessert
Oxbow - Curse
Monster Magnet - Evil
Unsane - Four Sticks
Big 'N - TNT
Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me
Big Black - Passing Complexion
Polvo - Fractured Like Chandeliers
Chrome Cranks - Dark Room
Oblivians - Sunday You Need Love
Oblivians - Never Change



Noise Rock
The Tone Zone
US 80s - 90s

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